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So, that happened...

Um, hey there! So, I quit this journal. Three years ago. Sort of unintentionally at the time, but RL happened. *hands* Anyway, I've recently gotten back into Supernatural fandom a little and, uh, I'm over at errant_jane now.

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SPN: Babygirl

So, here's the thing. Love Jo or hate her, she wants to fuck Dean, and there's no one who can blame a girl for that. She also has issues. This is pre-No Exit, but a little bit spoilery? I apologize in advance. *g*

Audienced by Fry, because she is awesome and takes time from her own writing when I demand that she read this now!!!

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Adorable Dean

Random SPN thoughts...

So it seems like it's kind of fanon to have pre-series Dean always trying to get Sam laid and such (or maybe I am hallucinating that? It's a possibility). Anyway, I actually think that Dean would be really super protective of virgin!Sam.

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So, yeah. That's what I was thinking. Anyway...
Damn Sean

This show... This show!!!

Ugh. Okay. I feel hungover now, and I haven't had anything to drink. I also feel like I should make sure everyone is accounted for like it's a natural disaster. I had to e-mail JJ because she didn't post soon enough.

Has anyone heard from Nan? *chews lip*

Come SPN fandom masses, let us huddle together and figure out how we will make it through the long summer months!
Damn Sean

(no subject)

You know who I love? estrella30! She always brings the squee and has the best ideas. Namely (today, anyway):

I was checking back in my entries to see if there was any indication when this show started that I'd be this crazycakes invested in it by the finale

So I thought, Huh. What was my first SPN post? So I checked, and it was this. Uh, yeah. No, "I'm watching this show," no "Hey, those guys are hot." I just jumped with both feet into full-on NC17 Wincest. *hangs head*

And, as oh so many things go in my life, that story just started with an e-mail to JJ, all, "So, I was taking a bath and this little thought popped into my head..."

And she was all, "WRITE IT!!!"

It really is all her fault. If she hadn't been so damn spazzy about the show in the first place, I never would have watched it. So I have her to thank? Blame? Both?

And, just for my own amusement, my second post on the show was this.

Yep. Crazycakes from the very beginning. I can't even pretend. Luckily, this is like the best fandom ever, so I don't have to! Like Nan's icon says, My fandom has Winchesters (We win.)

ETA: OH! OH! I forgot to say, I probably would have watched the pilot at any rate what with the months and months of ads playing Dave Matthews leading up to the premier. You win by Dave, SPN. ♥